Classically Chic

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Classically Chic

A traditional look of continued elegance

A Traditional style that celebrates simple elegance, classic shapes and details. Classic with a contemporary twist", "new takes on old classics. An elegant blend of refined traditional furniture, with cleaner modern shapes

The look evokes a more formal lifestyle. Delicate furniture pieces with feminine lines. Walls are usually painted beige, ivory or cream.  However, a colour palette consisting of bold colours can be used for dramatic effects.  For instance, an accent wall in a bold colour may serve as a backdrop for furniture pieces.  Splashes of bold colours are also found in artwork and accessories. Grand chandeliers. Luxurious fabrics, like silk and velvet. Rich dark woods with polished veneers. Luxe accent materials, including metal, marble, and glass. Symmetrical floor plans.

Yet the classically chic look can be simple and creating a look in the home to be timeless.

Understanding the Style!

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