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Safari Chic

A Creative mirage of a luxurious home grown South African style

With element of the natural world this styling explodes with exotic styling, embracing the natural textures, colours and shapes of the African landscape. With a sophisticated statement this look can transform a room from a Sabi sands lodge into your own home. Tribal patterns and colours, earth tones, leather, hides and vast open space offer inspiration. There is also a large influence from an incredible South African base of exception designer. Whether it be fabrics, furniture, décor, jewellery we have an abundance of beautiful creations which influence this style. 

This look can be fun and use elements of other styling to create a modern, trendy look with a touch of the wild. Or can have period old world piece that create a romantic love affair between African eclecticism of grass baskets, mats and batik wall hanging and strong dark antique wooden furniture. Weather a big-game ranch or cosmopolitan studio flat this look can be used to create a welcoming calm space.

Within all the style you will see the following trends through design that enhance and bring out the characters of the style.

Understanding the Style!

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