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A Creative mirage of a luxurious home grown South African style

Easy, elegant and open, these exemplify the look of Simply Chic. This is a non-fussy look which is relatively minimalistic but still has a personal touch to it by adding personal items. Simple shapes and soft colours which just finish a look. This look is influenced by a reduced amount of clutter and having 1 or 2 stand out pieces to create the look.

“Less is more” and clean lines simple colours are strong characteristics of this design.


 Current trend you will see running through the Urban, Classically, Shabby, Safari and Simply Chic

Botanical Elements – Bring the inside in with modern floral, Jungle and tropical elements in your décor.

The whole concept behind the Botanic trend is that of getting closer to nature. It’s about embracing the earth, letting the outdoors come in and blurring the lines between interiors and exteriors.

It is quite a moody lush look with darks leaves and little to no flowers look and fits into urban chic style effortlessly.

Cement/concrete Look – The cement look trend fits seamlessly into the Urban Chic style and it would be said that to create the look it is one of the first and easiest ways to create the look. The concrete trend is being followed through in all forms of décor from walls, falls to light fitting and furniture. It is a strong look which can be matched and embellished with all forms of accessories, colours, textures, patterns and materials.

Fusion – A fusion of articles, textures to create a strong contrast or a mono subtle look. Cements and woods, stones and textures to create a play of movement and feeling any style.

 Geometrical patterns – This trend gets its inspiration from a bygone era, often combining with patch work and patterns. Using modern technology to bring a vintage style into a modern trend.

 Metallic – Touches of metals, golds and bronze making a strong appearance through many styles of décor. It soften and adds a touch of whimsical to any space. The metallic are seen coming through in décor features, texture and colours.

 Marble – Marble is often partnered with Renaissance-style/ classical look accents and has been thought of as a forgotten look. But a number of décor and style trends have seen it make a comeback in a completely modern light. And is often mixed with a metal or natural material to create a modern look.

Tribal – We’re seeing a lot of tribal trends. It is a way to embrace culture everywhere! It gathers inspiration from colours, textures, and patterns that have been seen throughout civilization. The tribal trend comes from a number of different cultures from the heart of Africa; the aromatic and vibrant markets of India, to the tops of the Mountains of Peru. The trend is not only seen in bright vibrant colours but also neutral earthy toned colours to match the landscapes of the countries it comes from.

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