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Basin Plumbing

Basin Plumbing

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  1. -12%
    was TZS20,000 Special Price TZS17,642.65
  2. -6%
    Angle Valve - 15 x 15mm

    Valves to Turn On/Off Water Supply

    was TZS18,000 Special Price TZS16,969.17
  3. -8%
    ITD Chrome Basin Waste With Pop Up Slotted

    For Installation of all Basins with Overflows

    was TZS57,500 Special Price TZS52,773.28
  4. -3%
    ITD Chrome Square Basin Waste With Pop -Up

    For Basin Installations with Overflows

    was TZS60,423.38 Special Price TZS58,341.46
  5. -6%
    was TZS75,941.98 Special Price TZS71,692.91